Mia Maestro understands full well the power of bringing together music with the theatrical. Born in Buenos Aires, she grew up and found a love for some of the world's most renowned songwriters like Patti Smith and Leonard Cohen. She began cultivating her own dynamic and evocative voice at a young age, taking singing lessons around the age of thirteen. Influenced by everything from rock to opera, her voice shines, soaring above even the most turbulent orchestrations. Like the best classical pieces, her voice evokes emotion, finding the heart-wrenching notes in the subtlest of inflections. Influenced by singer-songwriters, her voice takes you on a journey, transporting you through poetry to places that once existed only in your imagination.

The magnetism of Mia Maestro's voice and the eloquence of her lyrical conceits are brought in full focus on her debut EP, titled Blue Eyed Sailor. The Blue Eyed Sailor songs were produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson (Björk, CocoRosie, Feist) and recorded at his Greenhouse Studios in Iceland. An eclectic assortment of incredibly talented solo musicians were brought together for the recordings, bringing their studio experiences and personal aesthetic touches to each song. The medley includes experimental artist Ben Frost, bass saxophonist Colin Stetson, pianist Thomas Bartlett, Shahzad Ismaily and the aforementioned Valgeir Sigurðosson. She also employed the help of composer Nico Muhly (Jónsi, Antony and the Johnsons), who wrote string and brass arrangements for the album, which were performed by members of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Maestro never falls out of focus and blends perfectly with each arrangement, whether it's the swirling circular-breathing of Stetson's bass-sax or the ever-present tension of Muhly's orchestral arrangements. There is also the song Time To Go with singer-songwriter Damien Rice, whose smooth-as-molasses delivery acts as the perfect compliment to Maestro's voice. This ensemble of artists helped bring her ambitious musical vision to life and the result is an album that is teeming with artistic vibrancy and life.

Blue Eyed Sailor is remarkable for a number of reasons, but it contains at least one powerful revelation. If the project can be likened a powerful and raging storm, then the most important member of the ensemble that created it is the calm center around which all the other members revolved: Mia Maestro herself. You should be listening.

— Chris Robinson

Blue Eyed Sailor

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